Hey there. My name is Joel Tolhurst and I founded Rosewood Pictures when I returned to Edmonton from a year at Vancouver Film School where I received a solid grounding in Cinematography, Directing, and Post Production.

I think the best way to get to know someone is by asking questions. Really? Yes, yes I do.

What are some of the best words?

I like ubiquitous, verisimilitude, and flap-jack. I also enjoy poubelle and mouchoir in French.

Where do you like to eat in Edmonton?

Zaika for Indian, Sicilian Pasta Kitchen Southside location or Corso 32 (when I can swing it) for Italian, Rigazzi for Pizza, Sweet Mango for Asian, and Tres Carnales for Tacos (actually the best pinche taco shop is La Taqueria in Vancouver, but I digress). My wife makes the best turkey burgers and stuffed meatballs.

Who are some Directors you admire?_MG_0068

I’m a big fan of the Cohen Brothers work, PT Anderson, Spike Jonze, Bennet Miller, Gus Van Sant, Wes Anderson, David Fincher, and Michelle Gondry. More recently,  Mark and Jay Duplass, and Nicolas Winding Refn. As for classic director’s I watch a lot of Kubrick, Hitchcock, De Sica, and Capra.

Have you ever had stitches?

Yeah, I fell off this tire climbing thing back when school playgrounds were dangerous and fun. It was winter and I cracked my head pretty good on a hunk of ice. It was also that day that I learned heads tend to bleed a lot.

What’s your dream job?

Well, making films, and meeting great people. That’s the reason I started Rosewood. I’m super interested in the stories people have to tell and want to find beautiful and captivating ways to tell them. Just get a hold of me and we can chat about any sort of project.